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Keterex: Downloads

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Keterex: Downloads
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Download the latest versions of application software and API libraries for your Keterex products.  You will also find helpful utilities, third-party applications, and product demos here.

Product-Specific Downloads

Download Size Description Version  Notes Release Date
usb900cc.exe 38,483KB USB-900 Control Center Application (Windows) 2.4   05/21/17
usb900cc.tar.gz 3,050KB USB-900 Control Center Application (Linux) 2.4   05/21/17
kxusb910h.dll 117KB USB-900 API DLL for Win8/10 2.4   05/21/17

Note: When downloading .tar.gz files, Internet Explorer may rename them with a tar.tar extension.  If so, change the extension back to .tar.gz before extracting.

Demos and Tutorials

Download/View Size Description Version  Notes Release Date
usb900_tut1 4,696KB USB-900 Tutorial 1: Overview (Flash) 1.0   9/11/09
usb900_tut2 1,206KB USB-900 Tutorial 2: Getting Started (Flash) 1.0   9/10/09
usb900_tut3 3,546KB USB-900 Tutorial 3: I2C Master Operations (Flash) 1.0   9/10/09
usb900_tut4 2,008KB USB-900 Tutorial 4: I2C Slave Operations (Flash) 1.0   9/10/09
usb900_tut5 1,857KB USB-900 Tutorial 5: SPI Master Operations (Flash) 1.0   9/10/09
usb900_tut6 1,316KB USB-900 Tutorial 6: SPI Slave Operations (Flash) 1.0   9/10/09
usb900_tut7 3,650KB USB-900 Tutorial 7: Using I2C Scripts (Flash) 1.0   9/10/09
usb900_tut8 1,814KB USB-900 Tutorial 8: Using SPI Scripts (Flash) 1.0   9/10/09

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