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Keterex: KX1400 Development Kit

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Keterex: KX1400 Development Kit
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KX1400-DK: Development Kit for the KX1400 Audio Playback IC



  • Control the KX1400 from your PC via USB
  • On−Board 16−MByte Flash Memory
  • Stores over 30 Minutes of 8KHz Audio Data
  • Quickly Program Flash Memory In-System
  • Supports Stand−Alone and Host−Controlled Modes
  • Expansion Connector for MCU-based Prototyping
  • 3.5mm (1/8" mini−plug) Audio Jack
  • Kit Includes:
    - KX1400 Evaluation Board
    - Keterex USB-to-KX1400 Host Adapter
    - KX1400 IDE Application  [screenshots]
    - WAV and MIDI File-Import Utilities
    - Audio Editing Software
    - Example Audio Projects
    - USB Cable


The KX1400 Development Kit provides the hardware and software necessary to quickly and easily interface the KX1400 Audio Playback IC to a PC-based host. The included KX1400 Evaluation Board simplifies the development of audio content and hardware prototyping for microcontroller-based designs.

The development kit software includes a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE).  The IDE integrates all the necessary software tools for developing KX1400 audio files with an interface for in-system memory programming and the real-time execution of KX1400 commands and audio phrases from a PC-based host, eliminating the need for a microcontroller and firmware for initial evaluation and development.

The KX1400 Evaluation Board is populated with a KX1400EG (24-pin QFN), 16-MByte external flash memory for audio data storage, an MCU expansion header, and a 3.5mm (1/8" mini−plug) audio jack.

Technical Documents

KX1400DKBR KX1400 Development Kit Product Brief
AN1401 Application Note 1401: KX1400 Development Kit User's Guide
AN1402 Application Note 1402: KX1400 Software User's Guide

Demos and Tutorials

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