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Keterex: Mixed Signal ICs and Systems

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Keterex: Mixed Signal ICs and Systems
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Mixed-Signal ICs and Systems

Add Voice and Polyphonic
Sound to Your Next Design!

Play voice prompts, polyphonic audio alerts, and sound effects from a library of up to 4096 custom, pre-recorded audio phrases with just a few simple serial commands.

Integrated Class-D outputs directly drive a 0.25W speaker without an external amplifier or low-pass filter.  The KX1400 Audio Playback IC makes it easy to add audio to your design.

Application Spotlight:
Roll Your Own Voltage Regulator

Need to generate a 3V supply from a 5V input, but don't have the right LDO handy?  Our latest "Application Spotlight" article shows how to build simple, low-cost voltage regulators out of a handful of common components.

Deriving multiple power supplies from a single input is a task common to most embedded systems.  In this article, we explore some simple circuits for stepping down a 5 volt rail to 3 volts.

In most cases, the obvious solution is to use a 3 volt  LDO − it's a simple integrated solution.  However, there are times when using an LDO may not be the best or lowest cost choice.

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