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Keterex: USB-910H USB-to-SPI/12C Interface

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Keterex: USB-910H USB-to-SPI/12C Interface
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USB-910H: USB-to-SPI/I2C Embedded Systems Interface



  • SPI, I2C, SMBus, and Parallel GPIO Controller
  • Master, Multi-Master, and Slave Modes Supported
  • PMBus Transport Layer Supported
  • Provides up to 9 General Purpose I/O
  • I/O Levels Configurable from 1.65V to 5V
  • SPI up to 24MHz, I2C/SMBus to 1.5MHz
  • Supports 16 Slave Addresses (7 or 10-bit)
  • Provide Power to Target from USB-910H (400mA)
  • Control Center Application Included [screenshots]
  • Powerful Scripting Feature
  • Easy-to-Use API for Custom Software Development
  • USB 2.0 Full-Speed (12Mbps) HID Device
  • No User-Installed Device Drivers Required
  • Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Linux Supported [more]
  • Addtional Product Details »


The USB-910H Embedded Systems Interface provides connectivity between a host PC and I2C, SMBus, or SPI.  Other interfaces can be supported by "bit-banging" the 9 general-purpose I/O.  USB transactions are generated on the host PC using either the Keterex USB-900 Control Center application or custom software via calls to the provided API.  The USB-910H Adapter converts these transactions to I2C, SMBus, SPI, or general-purpose I/O operations. Built-in scripting accommodates complex bus protocols, including forcing and/or detecting general-purpose I/O changes during operations.

The USB-910H Adapter provides configurable I/O voltage levels from 1.65V to 5V. In addition to setting the drive and sense logic levels, this voltage can be connected to the target hardware, providing up to 400mA to the target device.

Note:  One KXACC-082 cable is included with each
USB-910H Embedded Systems Interface.

Technical Documents

USB-910HDS USB-910H Datasheet
USB-910HBR USB-910H Product Brief
AN2101 Application Note 2101: USB-910H API Reference Manual
AN2102 Application Note 2102: USB-900 Control Center User's Guide

Demos and Tutorials

usb900cc.exe USB-900 Control Center Software (runs in demo mode - no H/W required)
usb900 Tutorials USB-900 Control Center Tutorials (Flash - tutorials play in browser)

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