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Keterex: USB-910H Product Details

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Keterex: USB-910H Product Details
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USB-910H: Product Details

Functional Block Diagram


Full Speed USB 2.0

The USB-910H adapter is a bus-powered, full-speed (12Mbps) USB 2.0 compatible device.  It is implemented as a USB HID-Class device which means it works with device drivers already installed on your PC; no third-party device drivers to install (or cause compatibility problems).  Since it is bus-powered, a separate power adapter is not required.


The USB-910H Adapter can operate as a fully-compliant I2C/SMBus master or slave device, supporting the following system functions:

  • Complete multi-master compliance.
  • Supports 7-bit and 10-bit addressing.
  • Supports programmable SCL rates up to 1.5MHz.
  • SMBus compliant setup/hold times.
  • Supports both least-significant or most-significant-bit first data-formats.
  • SCL stretching compliance
  • Loss of arbitration detection and optional retry.
  • SCL low timeout and recovery.
  • SCL high bus-free detection.
  • Supports repeated STARTs.
  • Bus fault detection.
  • Built-in 2.2kΩ pull-up resistors (with enables).
  • Respond to any one of 16 unique addresses or respond to all addresses (slave mode).
  • Generate arbitrary bus faults for use in system testing.
  • Control via a simple but powerful scripting language.


The USB-910H Adapter can operate as a full-featured master or slave device compatible with SPI, MICROWIRE, and most other three-wire and four-wire synchronous serial interfaces.  The following system functions are supported:

  • SCLK rates up to 24MHz.
  • Active-high or active-low Slave-Selects.
  • Supports both least-significant or most-significant-bit first data-formats.
  • Supports all standard clock polarity and sampling-edge modes.
  • Idle with SCLK high or low.
  • Transfer a configurable number of bytes per Slave-Select assertion.
  • Up to 6 different Slave-Select pins available.
  • Programmable Slave-Select setup/hold timing.
  • Slave-Select pin can tri-state the MISO output to support multiple slaves.
  • Operate in single-slave mode (no Slave-Select).

General Purpose I/O

Any of the adapter's nine interface signals not claimed by an enabled SPI/I2C/SMBus feature can be used as general-purpose input/output (GPIO).

  • Set, clear, or tri-state any combination of GPIO at any time.
  • Poll any signal at any time (even when in use by SPI/I2C/SMbus)
  • Mix SPI/I2C/SMBus serial operations with parallel GPIO.
  • Control GPIO interactvely or with a scripting language.
  • Use for handshaking with SPI devices or "bit-banging" custom interfaces.

Configurable I/O Voltage

The I/O voltage used for all interface signals is user-configurable.  The configured I/O voltage sets the level the USB-910H adapter uses when driving an interface pin to logic HIGH.

  • Communicate with target systems operating at different supply voltages.
  • Voltages from 1.65V−3.6V and 5V supported
  • I/O voltage software configurable from the host PC.
  • Internal, high-impedance level-shifting − target system not required to source/sink DC current.
  • Built-in I2C pull-up resistors set to user-configured I/O voltage.

Target-system Power

The USB-910H Adapter can power the target system directly from the host PC.  The adapter's GP3/VDD pin can be configured to supply up to 400mA at the user-configured I/O voltage (1.65V to 3.6V or 5V).  The GP3/VDD pin has both short-circuit and thermal overload protection.

Control Center Application
USB-900 Control Center

The USB-900 Control Center Application is a full-featured graphical interface to all of the USB-910H's functionality.  It is easy to use and will have you up and running in minutes.  It is also powerful enough to eliminate the need for custom software in most cases.

Some of the features of the USB-900 Control Center include:

  • Adapter configuration (I/O voltages, bit-rates, GPIO direction/state, etc.).
  • Adapter function selection (I2C, SMBus, and SPI master or slave device).
  • Displays and controls adapter status.
  • Full-featured data editors (for incoming and outgoing data).
  • Transaction logging (with time stamping).
  • Initiate simple "Quick Write" and "Quick Read" transactions.
  • Built-in scripting accommodates complex bus transactions and general-purpose I/O operations.
  • Saves and restores configurations (adapter settings, scripts, and data-editor contents)
  • Built-in help system with quick access to command and scripting language references.

You can always download the latest version of the USB-900 Control Center from the Downloads page on our website.  In fact, you can download it now and run it in demo mode for a complete evaluation, even without the USB-910H.  It's free!


Most simple data operations can be performed using the built-in "Quick Read" or "Quick Write" commands. Both operations move a block of data to or from a slave device using the normal serial read or write protocols.  However, the real power of the USB-910H adapter is found in its ability to execute scripts supporting any combination of bus transactions, delays, and I/O operations.

A script is a string of data and simple commands, each representing a low-level action to be performed.  Using this simple script capability, complex protocols can be layered onto the low-level serial buses, communication with multiple slaves managed, and custom interfaces implemented using the GPIO.

Multiple Adapters

Multiple USB-910H adapters can be controlled simultaneously from a single PC.  Each adapter will run in its own instance of the USB-900 Control Center application.

Software Development API

The USB-900 Control Center, with its powerful scripting language, is adequate for many applications.  However, you can quickly develop custom solutions with access to all of the USB-910H's functionality using our royalty-free API libraries.

  • Develop in C/C++, C#, or Java  (Python soon!)
  • The API is clearly documented and easy to integrate.
  • Both Windows and Linux libraries are provided.
  • Royalty-free; distribute with your applications without licensing fees.
  • API libraries included in the USB-900 Control Center Application distribution
  • Download and evaluate the API libraries for free.  USB-910H purchase not required.

OS Compatibility

The USB-910H uses a USB communication protocol supported by device drivers pre-installed as part of most Windows and Linux operating system distributions.  No user-installed device drivers are required.  The royalty-free API libraries are available for both Windows and Linux.


The USB-910H is officially supported on Windows 7, Vista, and XP (SP2 or later).  The software runs on 64-bit Windows versions as a 32-bit application.


The Linux version of the USB-910H sofware was developed and verified under Ubuntu Desktop Edition 9.10, kernel version 2.6.  There are many different distributions of Linux.  Keterex is unable to guarantee the USB-910 software will work properly under every single distribution.  Support for other distributions may be offered on an individual basis.

Mac OS X

The software is not supported on Mac OS X at this time.

Field Upgrades

The USB-910H is field-upgradable via USB.  To ensure your USB-910H is updated with the latest improvements, simply download the most recent version of the USB-900 Control Center Application from our website's Downloads page.  The next time you run the Control Center Application it will automatically update the USB-910H's firmware if needed.  Software and firmware updates for the USB-910H are free of charge.  There are no support contracts or maintenance fees.


Dimensions [mm]: 3.5" x 1.7" x 1.0"  [90 x 43 x 25]  (L,W,H)

Weight: 1.8oz  [51g]  (with ribbon cable)

Operating Environment: 32°−100°F  [0°−40°C],  20%−90% humidity,  non-condensing.

What is Included

Each unit of the USB-910H Embedded Systems Interface includes the following items:

  • USB-to-SPI/I2C Adapter
  • KXACC-082 Male 10-Pin Split Ribbon Cable
  • USB Cable
  • CD-ROM:
    - USB-900 Control Center Application
    - Royalty-Free API Libraries
    - Product Documentation
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